We meet Face to Face


  • For successful market entry into Japan developing trust by visiting partners on a monthly basis is essential.  While net meetings and online presentations can be effective in most markets,  in Japan meeting face to face is the culturally accepted way to do business.  With Jaits as your agent you do not have to worry about traveling to Japan regularly to do business. We will represent you and act on your behalf, saving you time and money.  

  • Jaits maintains and develops long lasting relationships with resellers and potential resellers by liaising in person, via telephone calls and emails as required to facilitate sales and growth and mutual trust
  • Jaits meets face-to-face with resellers and potential resellers on a monthly, bimonthly or as required basis
  • Jaits represents your company and assist resellers and your company at all trade shows and any other promotional event in the territory
  • Jaits assists in resolving any disputes between your company and reseller if your company requests

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