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Japan-Australia IT Solutions is a Japan based IT Consultancy and agency specializing in Japanese market entry, Partner introduction, marketing strategy and company representation.

Market entry for software developers into Japan can be a complicated and expensive process. We streamline the process by researching and directly matching your product with resellers that already have a substantial clients in your domain.

"Jaits provides our company with the support and information we need to effectivley and inexpensivley enter the Japanese market. I highly recommend Jaits to any software company that is looking to expand to Japan"
Rupesh Sharma
CEO Orbit Analytics

Enter Japan without excessive cost

Consultancy and Agency Representation

Entering the Japanese market can be an expensive process with extensive strategic resources needed to successfully penetrate into established markets. A smart solution is to make use of an independent consultant like JAITS. We will start with a strategic workshop, working with you to understand your organisations culture, products, services and key markets. We provide a comprehensive range of services to IT orientated organisations and software developers ensuring successful business in Japan.


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Research and Marketing

JAITS provides a range of marketing services to IT organisations. We work with you to find fresh creative marketing solutions allowing you to Strategically Market your product or service successfully and access your target markets effectively.

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Our Partners

BI tool(Discoverer replacement)

Analysis tools on supply chains(B to B)

Japanese Market Reseller